About Isis R.

Isis Ramirez is an English major at the University of Central Florida. She has received her A.A. degree in journalism. Isis is a Hootsuite certified professional, and has earned her Poynter.News University certificate at Valencia College. She is a former model at John Casablancas Modeling and Careers Centers in Longwood, FL.

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When I take a break from my studies I like to photograph my journeys and upload them to my blog or to my online stock photography portfolio. Whenever life falls apart I find peace in reading thriller, fantasy, fiction, poetry, romance, and erotic novels. I also meditate outdoors by swimming in the blue ocean floor or walking along the nature trails. If I am not Kayaking through the wild, I write poetry while I drink tea. I would love to travel the world and make landfall in London, Italy, El Salvador, Paris, and more countries in counting. My passion is to document my travel experiences and helping those in need by becoming the female version of Peter Parker (photographer by day, Spiderwoman by night). You are the director of your own life, live it, breathe it, embrace it.

-Isis R. 


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